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Established in 1997, we are a personalised clinic that combines postgraduate training and extensive experience with enthusiasm for finding real solutions to your musculo-skeletal problems.

Our clinic has a particular emphasis on neck and back pain, and headaches. We also routinely treat all types of musculo-skeletal problems including arthritis, sports and occupational injuries, and general aches and sprains.

We adopt a "hands on” and individualised approach to physiotherapy treatment, with standard appointment times of 30 minutes and longer consultation times for initial assessment, complex or multiple problems. This time allows us to manage your problem thoroughly with high quality of care and outcome. Manual therapy, education and exercise are an integral part of our approach to the management of musculoskeletal conditions. Electrotherapy machines are rarely used, except in cases of acute injury, pain and inflammation.

If physiotherapy management is not appropriate or effective for your condition, we will liaise with your GP should further investigation be required.

Our practice also fosters a passionate commitment to ongoing professional education (in-house training, study groups and external courses) so that our treatment techniques reflect the most current research directions.

The management of persistent back pain with Pilates based exercise programmes is a strong focus within the clinic. However, our fully equipped Pilates Studio isn’t just for rehabilitation – Pilates is an exercise system suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. It boosts flexibility, core stability, general strength and improves posture. Importantly, exercise programmes are individually designed by a physiotherapist and so can be developed to tackle specific problems and carefully respect particular pathologies. We run over 40 small classes per week including out of work hours and Saturday mornings.

Within our practice we also offer additional services: